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Multiple blogs

One of the strengths of Quam Plures is that it is able to handle multiple blogs out of the box. As a matter of fact, on most installations it will come with multiple blogs pre-installed. Multiblog Scenarios Multiple blogs can be used in several diffe… more »

System requirements

Quam Plures is a web application, and for that it must be installed/hosted on a web server. If you do not have a web server yet, you have to find yourself one. Here is a list of hostingcompanies we trust. xzxzxzxzxYou can rent a web server from any of… more »


Mostly copy/pasted from WP. Need to be 'rewritten'Trackback helps you to notify another author that you wrote something related to what he had written on his blog, even if you don't have an explicit link to his article. This improves the chances of t… more »