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Run Quam Plures on your home computer

Running Quam Plures on a local server (your own computer) is often desirable for testing, editing (and testing) templates, running the CVS (latest development) version, or for a variety of other reasons. This is not a way to update or add posts to your internet blog while you are offline and then try to upload them to your website later.

To setup a local copy of QP you need the following minimum software requirements installed and running on your computer:

  • Webserver software (Apache is recommended)
  • PHP 5.
  • MySQL 4.x.

Setting up your hosting environment is the most challenging part of this process. You can search the internet for some pre-bundled packages which can make it a lot easier to install the software you need (e.g. Wamp or xampp).

  1. After your hosting environment is up and running, create an empty MySQL database for Quam Plures to use.
  2. Put the Quam Plures program files into your webserver's web directory. (In your browser this directory shows up as http://localhost/. On your hardrive it may be something like /htdocs or /www.)
  3. From your browser go to the /install directory for Quam Plures. For example http://localhost/QP/install.
  4. Run the installer just like you would for any new installation.

That should do it! Now anytime you want to access your local copy of Quam Plures you can start Apache and MySQL and type your localhost address into your browser.