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Multiple blogs

One of the strengths of Quam Plures is that it is able to handle multiple blogs out of the box. As a matter of fact, on most installations it will come with multiple blogs pre-installed.

Multiblog Scenarios

Multiple blogs can be used in several different scenarios:

  • One website with multiple blogs accessible through different names - blog1.php, blog2.php, blog3.php, etc. This is the default setup, you can then change the names of the php files to suit your needs. Each blog can also have a different subject, purpose or even content type - i.e., podcasts, or photoblogs.
  • One website with multiple blogs scattered through a complex tree of subfolders.
  • One domain with multiple blogs accessible through subdomains - blog1.domain.com, blog2.domain.com, etc. Again, you can choose any name to suit your needs.
  • One Quam Plures installation serving multiple domains.
  • Any combination of the above.