Category: Advanced stuff

Website integration

While Quam Plures can be used as a standalone blogging platform, it is also designed to be used as a blog/news/content manager to be embedded in a larger site. For example, our website - - itself uses b2evolution for several sections su… more »

Multiple blogs on multiple domains

Set up your webserver If you are using shared hosting, check that your hosting plan allows multiple domains and set those up as "Domain Aliases". If your are using a VPS or a dedicated server, make sure to set up your webserver so that all (sub-)doma… more »

Run Quam Plures on your home computer

Running Quam Plures on a local server (your own computer) is often desirable for testing, editing (and testing) templates, running the CVS (latest development) version, or for a variety of other reasons. This is not a way to update or add posts to your i… more »